Bio of the founder of Med Rx CBD

After the Motorcycle accident that changed my life

Nearly five years ago, a young man went out for a leisurely motorcycle ride on a beautiful fall night, just like he had almost every night. Some time after, he woke up in a hospital bed nearly 60 pounds lighter. His left arm tied down and his right arm immobile. Out of fear, he tried to scream for help, but no words came out. Confused and absolutely scared out of his mind, he looked down to see that he had tubes coming out of his body. He had tubes coming out his right side of chest, his throat and staples that looked like train tracks all the way down to his belly button. It turns out he was in a coma, and his left arm was restrained so he wouldn’t pull the tubes out of his body. He suffered from three broken ribs: one puncturing his right lung, a collapsed left lung, lacerated small intestines, a lacerated kidney and liver as well as a brachial plexus injury leaving his right, dominant arm paralyzed. He was in a coma for quite sometime, and when he finally came to he realized he had a huge fight ahead of him. He had to learn how to combat life’s simple gifts. He had to learn how to walk, talk, and eat again. He had to overcome depression and dependency on pain medication that was prescribed by doctors. This up hill battle, lead to years of constant physical and mental pain. This young man was and still is very strong minded and wouldn’t give up.

A sudden turn of events happened in this young man’s life. He had discovered CBD, a Hemp derived liquid called CBD. This intrigued him, but he was skeptical. Although, hesitant at first, he later gave CBD a try. When he discovered CBD, it changed his life and made it easier for him to go through the day with minimal to no pain. The cloud of depression in his mind finally went away and there were no more sleepless nights. With this energy he started trying different brands. He soon discovered that they weren’t all the same and some worked better than others. That’s when he decided that he was going to create his own. Many phone calls later and months of hard work the perfect formula was formed. He wanted to share his creation with the world. This young man became the founder, of one of the purest CBD brands known.  And that’s how Med Rx CBD was born.

Before The motorcycle accident that changed my life