CBD Testimonials For Med RX CBD

Med RX CBD is committed to having the highest quality CBD products available online. Check out the CBD testimonials below about the benefits of CBD and share your own experience with our CBD products on our social media pages.

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I work 10 hrs a day on my feet and cbd caps definitely reduced pain and I also purchased the topical cream to target more painful areas and I have to say it works ……it also calms me down with everyday stress if your one of those that has to talk to people all day with that being said……must try


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I can’t say enough about CBD, and the Medrxcbd team , I have had chronic gout and back pains over the years , CBD oil provided almost instant relief. I have noticed that some brands and potencies work more than others, as I have tried many different companies at this point , and now all I use is Medrxcbd CBD products.


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Feeling great, amazing product lost 15lb this month alone, sleeping better and feeling great every day !!!

.[/dt_sc_testimonial][dt_sc_testimonial type=”type8″ name=”rutomen” role=”Instagram User”]I highly reccomend this product it works wonders ! I have tried both the Tincture oil & Capsules both have great results ![/dt_sc_testimonial]