CBD Lotions

When confronted with the myriad of CBD products on the market today, you should take comfort in knowing that there are many people sharing the exact same confusion as you.  Which CBD product is right for me? From oil drops to gummies, there is an ever-increasing abundance of options to choose from. Depending on your ailments, certain products can prove to be more efficient in providing you the easiest and quickest path to relief than others.  When it comes to sunburn, eczema, and psoriasis, CBD Lotions should be your go-to product.

CBD Lotions are used exactly how you would think they are.  The topical CBD lotion is applied directly to the area of discomfort and rubbed into the skin.  This direct form of application allows for you to feel the soothing effects of CBD very quickly after application.  CBD works by interacting with our bodies endocannabinoid system, and many believe that our endocannabinoid system plays an import role in the immune response of our skin.  Cannabinoid receptors known as CB1 and CB2 have been found throughout the skin, and this means that applying CBD Lotions directly to your skin can be an efficient way for your body to begin accepting and utilizing all of the medicinal benefits that come along with CBD products.  

CBD lotions are very safe to use on your skin and are not known to cause any side effects.  This does not mean, however, that you shouldn’t test a small amount on yourself first to ensure that you will not have any allergic reactions to any of the ingredients in the lotion.  After you have ensured you will not have any allergic reactions, you may begin applying as much of the lotion as you want to the areas in which you feel discomfort. Please check out our CBD Lotions today and begin your road to a pain-free life!

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Pain Relief with CBD

Pain Relief with CBD

CBD for chronic pain relief: CBD is known to interact with pain receptors in the brain and also have a positive effect on the immune system too, this can have the overall effect of an anti-inflammatory with painkiller properties that can help with chronic pain relief. Researchers believe that CBD or cannabinoid which is a naturally occurring chemical found in marijuana and hemp plants (but without the high from THC – no psychoactive properties) shows great promise as a natural alternative to strong pharmaceutical medications like opioid drugs that are more dangerous, habit-forming at best or completely addictive at worst.

Chronic Pain Management With CBD

CBD has been used for a very long time for pain relief and pain management possibly hundreds if not thousands of years and considering that it has only recently led to any true type of scientific research and study. So much so that CBD products as of when this was written are still not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for any medical condition. However, a study published in the European Journal of Pain which used rats for research into arthritis pain relief came away with positive results noting their researchers found a significant drop in inflammation and signs of pain, without any additional side effects with the use of CBD topical gel/lotion in just a 4-day trial. SHOP CBD PRODUCTS HERE


CBD is an effective alternative to opioids in pain relief/pain management and with more research coming soon, we hope everyone will come to know the natural benefits of pain relief with CBD.

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD Oil Tinctures

There are quite a few different methods in which to use CBD to better your daily life.  From oil tinctures, to topicals, and to capsules, you are sure to find a way to take CBD in a way that best suits both your ailments and daily regimen.  Although simply taking any CBD product is sure to get you feeling better, the different methods of taking CBD into your body can produce varying levels of effectiveness in treating different afflictions.  

CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system to give us a whole host of medicinal benefits. Among the plentiful benefits include, pain relief, muscle spasm reductions, nausea relief, anxiety relief, and seizure and convulsion reductions.  Topical CBD creams are a good option to use for physical pains in specific areas. However, CBD oil tinctures are great for a wider variety of symptoms which enables tinctures to be a de-facto choice when it comes to ingesting CBD. Taking CBD by using an oil tincture enables it to be easily absorbed into you body which then allows it to effectively address afflictions such as mental stresses, anxiety, nausea, low appetite, mental disorders, and insomnia, to name a few.  

This is not to say that CBD oil tinctures are not capable of aiding in the reduction of physical body pains as well; it can be highly beneficial to use a topical cream and an oil tincture in conjunction to to get a stronger sense of relief. Of course, you can use CBD oil tinctures (and all other cbd application and ingestion methods) singularly and receive all the benefits that CBD offers. However, it is always prudent to know what you are hoping to accomplish with CBD use, and purchase an applicant or ingestion method that will most effectively suit your needs.  

Med Rx CBD has a number of different CBD products, but the oil tincture is the one that will effectively suit most people’s needs.  Head over to our store to purchase CBD oil tincture today to begin your road to recovery!

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